Fulfillment Prices

Fulfillment Prices: How much does a fulfillment service cost?

What fulfillment costs should I expect?

Outsourcing logistics is an important step for many companies. This can be the signpost for the future development of the company or for a temporal location determination. If you outsource a part of your business process (business process outsourcing), a consistent, honest and trusting basis between customer and fulfillment service provider becomes essential. Building trust can be easily achieved through transparent offers and well-planned communication between fulfillment providers and online retailers. However, multi-page offer and price lists are often sent out, causing confusion rather than open and comprehensible cooperation.


With this article, VONEXIO would like to provide its partners and those interested in fulfillment with a clear, structured and transparent overview of the composition of the current fulfillment pricing structures.


If you already know exactly how many parcels you send per month, what size your shipments are or how high the order volume is, feel free to use our fulfillment price configurator. In just a few steps, this will lead them to an individual fulfillment offer that is tailored to your needs.


What is the composition of our fulfillment prices?

Since we not only operate in the business-to-consumer (B2C) sector, but also facilitate business-to-business(B2B), there are gradations for many fulfillment prices that are adapted to the respective business structures of our partners. This may concern the volume, the type of business or the weight of the shipments.


An individual price composition is unique for each online retailer and depends on various factors.


Since fulfillment is a complex subject that entails even more complex cost structures, we have assigned a price block to the individual cost factors. These are intended to facilitate the overview and bring with them a positive reading experience. Our offers are divided into 6 areas:


  1. Goods receipt and storage costs
  2. Picking costs
  3. Shipping & Return Costs
  4. Personnel costs
  5. Costs for IT infrastructure
  6. Operating costs & flat fulfillment prices


Read on to get an overview of the different price blocks and how fulfillment costs are made up at VONEXIO.

1. Goods receipt and storage costs

In fulfillment, the goods receipt with the storage of the goods, is the first contact between the fulfiller and the physical goods. This is sifted, inspected and then placed in racks or pallet locations created for this purpose. The receiving department is divided into four different price categories. Single product, acceptance per carton, acceptance per Euro pallet and goods acceptance per carton for container unloading (for international or pan-European deliveries).


We distinguish the storage per pallet, pick pallet or pick compartment. In the best case, you will be charged for the entire pallet space, but only for the weight of the goods actually stored. Prices for goods receipt and storage include unit prices and lump sum prices. The monthly fulfillment fee and the storage fee are also listed here.



  • Monthly fulfillment base fee
  • Storage fee
  • Goods receipt single product
  • Receipt of goods per carton
  • Receipt of goods per EU pallet
  • Goods receipt per carton Container unloading
  • Storage pallet
  • Storage pick pallet
  • Storage pick compartment

2. picking costs

Picking is the composition of goods or commodities. Another common name for this is pick & pack. At fulfillment, picking is one of the main tasks, because it is the only way for goods to find their way from the warehoused state, to your customers’ homes.


At this, goods are not only taken from the storage bins (Pick), they are also scanned here, packed and provided with the EAN barcode (Pack). If necessary, inserts can be added to the shipment. Branding is possible as well.


The following prices may apply to picking:


  • Pick per Item/SKU
  • Pick per case
  • Order processing per order
  • Enclose inserts
  • EAN customer printout

3. Shipping & Return Costs

Through many years of experience in the logistics and fulfillment sector, we have established a professional, efficient and, above all, reliable cooperation with various shipping service providers. You can profit with us.

This price block consisting of shipping and return costs, shows our diverse shipping offer. All online retailers will find the right price structure for their respective business model here.


With the possibility of sending parcels nationally as well as internationally (prices vary depending on the size of the shipping box and the weight), VONEXIO adapts to progressive globalization and gives you access to worldwide markets.


In addition to the various shipping costs, a well-functioning returns management system is definitely important for e-commerce retailers. A smooth and fast process retains customers and makes them happy. We will take care of this step for you and charge returns per order and carton.


Cost centers for shipping and returns:

  • Shipping goods mail incl. Cardboard
  • Shipping national up to 5kg
  • Shipping national up to 10kg
  • Shipping national up to 20kg
  • Shipping national from 31 kg
  • International shipping
  • Freight forwarding
  • Disposable pallets shipping
  • Cardboard box neutral size S M L
  • Cardboard box neutral size XL
  • Return per carton/per order

4. personnel costs

Like every company, we also have to compensate our employees. These costs are also included in VONEXIO’s final fulfillment offer. However, hourly rates are only incurred for employees who have direct contact with the goods or track them at their workstation via an ERP system.

  • Hourly rate administration
  • Hourly rate IT support
  • Hourly rate for warehouse logistics specialist

5. Costs for IT infrastructure

Modern fulfillment without IT would not be efficient and its not imaginable today. Through the integration of ERP systems, this efficiency is created. For example, they enable multi-channel connectivity or the integration of customer relationship management systems.


Besides the ERP system, the API interface (programming or application interface) is of high importance. It provides the connection of your system, to our system.


The integration and maintenance of the IT infrastructure, requires care and diligence. Therefore, the following costs are incurred:

  • One time setup fee
  • Monthly interface fee
  • Connectivity
  • Onboarding

6. Operating costs & flat fulfillment prices

The last block of prices consists of various operating costs and those that ensure that we, as a fulfillment service provider, can offer our service at all. They are also the prices least likely to be associated with the fulfillment service per se. They therefore often cause surprise when they appear in a price list.


An excerpt of operating costs:

  • Maintenance
  • Building insurance
  • Transport insurance
  • Commodity insurance
  • Property tax
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Winter services
  • Fire protection
  • Insurance
  • Shelving of the warehouse

No offer like the other!
Individual fulfillment prices with VONEXIO

All VONEXIO fulfillment prices are scalable. They can be applied to any customer and can also be updated in case of changes (e.g. order volumes).


If you have any further questions now, please feel free to contact us. We will discuss everything else with you.

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