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Fulfillment location NRW: hub for the whole of Europe

As a fulfillment service provider based in North Rhine-Westphalia, the good transport location in the center of the European economic area is of great importance to us. A good connection to road, rail and air traffic, allows an optimal networking for national as well as international shipments.


In the densely populated region of North Rhine-Westphalia with a large number of innovative companies, VONEXIO has created an optimal location with excellent customer connections. No matter if you are located in Dortmund, Essen, Düsseldorf, Bochum, Bonn or Duisburg, an uncomplicated storage of your goods in our more than 14.000km² large warehouse can be done in a few steps.


In order to provide our customers with the best possible service, we work with API interfaces and an ERP system that provides you with all the necessary information about your goods flow and your goods.


The contact established through proximity to the customer makes regular warehouse visits and a close exchange between VONEXIO and its fulfillment partners possible. This way, we can work together on efficient warehousing that is customized to your needs.

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Fulfillment Service in NRW
Food & Berverage Fulfillment NRW


Food & Beverage Fulfillment mit VONEXIO

Beispiel für Logistik Services in NRW

The up-and-coming fictitious company “Prot-ake” is based in Dortmund. It sells novel protein shakes that double as a whole meal. So far, all drinks have been sold through social media and a specially created e-commerce store. The labeling of the bottles, took place by hand in a small office. However, the high demand and increasing sales figures enable the start-up to partially outsource its business processes.

They inquire about suitable outsourcing options and quickly come across the logistic principle of “fulfillment”.

The following points are important to the young company when working with a fulfillment service provider:


  • Co-Packing
  • an individual form of storage
  • E-fulfillment services (interface connection to Shopify, Shopware, WooCommerce)
  • complete returns processing
  • Customer service
  • Labeling and individual packaging
  • Quality management
  • Good communication between the fulfillment partners


Outsourcing this core business process, is a big and forward-looking step for the company. However, it is certain that they have found a strong and reliable fulfillment partner in VONEXIO

the label the completeoutsourcing of order processing as well as an individual and high-quality service, which impresses with logistics know-how and years of experience in the fulfillment sector.

Discover our warehouse in Troisdorf – only 50 minutes by car from Düsseldorf

14,000 m² Lagerfläche für alle Warengruppen

12 Überladebrücken für effiziente Warenflüssen

10m Deckenhöhe bis zu 7,5m Einlagerung

5500 Pick- und Kommisionierplätze

15.000 Palettenstellplätze

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Business & Logistics Location NRW

The state of North Rhine-Westphalia, is the most populous state in Germany with 17.95 million (2019, statista.de). With an area of 34,000 km², it is the fourth largest state in the BRD. With almost 10 million inhabitants, the Rhine-Ruhr agglomeration is the area with the highest population density in the Federal Republic.


However, the state can in no way be described as a contiguous primeval area. This is because the polycentric arrangement, with a separate urban area and center for each city, makes NRW much more of a federal state with a patchwork of small and large cities.


With the “Rhineland” and the “Ruhr Area”, North Rhine-Westphalia has two formative and culturally diverse areas. The Ruhr area, which experienced its boom with the beginning of industrialization, was characterized by ore and coal mining. Through constant structural change, the region has developed into a stronghold of the service and technology industries.


VONEXIO also belongs to the service industry and benefits from this change.


VONEXIO: Your fulfillment service provider in NRW

The stable economic situation, a well-branched infrastructure and many well-known companies with high economic performance, make the state an object of foreign investors. This is borne out by figures from the German Bundesbank, according to which NRW accounts for more than a quarter of all direct investments from abroad.


This is best illustrated by the country’s gross domestic product. BIP can be considered a direct measure of a country’s globalization. Among other things, it describes the long-term economic relations between the cooperating economies.


The state of NRW has by far the highest gross domestic product. With 697,125 million, it is ahead of Bavaria (610,217) and Baden-Württemberg (500,790), demonstrating the economic power of this state. (statista.de)


After all, it is precisely here that there is a brisk flow of goods that must be structured and handled.


Are you a regionally based business looking for a reliable fulfillment service, contact us – we look forward to new challenges.

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Warehousing & Storage

Lagermöglichkeiten für (fast) jeden Bedarf

Whether small-scale storage in shelving racks or storage by the pallet in wide aisle storage. We are not afraid of any challenge. We store your goods according to your needs, keep them safe and retrieve them on demand within a very short time. With only a few exceptions, we store products of any type, in any quantity and at any time.


Ship with the best

Mit unseren Logistik-Partnern sind wir ein eingespieltes Team

Here it is essential to know the strengths of your partners well and to know how to use them. We ship exclusively with high-performance shippers, both in the area of parcel delivery and pallet shipping. In always close and trustful cooperation we find the best possible solutions with our partners - for our customers.


No connection is too far

In einer globalisierten Welt ist unser Anspruch alles überall zur Verfügung zu stellen

The flow of goods for our customers is international. From procurement in Asia, Europe or Africa to shipping all over the world. In consultation with our customers, we define the needs and requirements - and find the best possible ways to ship the goods. Secure, cost-effective and fast shipping is handled for our customers. You want to ship all over the world? Let us make it happen together.