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Fulfillment from Cologne for Cologne

As a fulfillment service provider headquartered in Cologne, Germany, we are interested in providing our customers with the best possible service. Whether you are a start-up, an experienced e-commerce retailer or a large corporation, we will work with you to develop a customized fulfillment package. The physical proximity to our customers enables the optimization of the flow of goods in the warehouse – personal arrangements can also take place not only virtually.


So if you have any questions about e-commerce or e-fulfillment issues, as well as warehousing, just contact us and we’ll set up an appointment and make the best possible happen for you.


In the following, we will take a closer look at fulfillment in Cologne and the city as an industrial and business location. However, the following is an example of how a future cooperation between VONEXIO and an e-commerce retailer from Cologne could look.

Supply Chain Check


Lebensmittel Fulfillment mit VONEXIO

Beispiel für Logistik Services in Köln

As a fulfillment service provider in the Cologne metropolitan area, VONEXIO offers its customers customized logistics and fulfillment concepts for every industry. In Cologne, the food & beverage industry is on the rise. That’s why we would like to show you what makes the work of a fulfillment provider so valuable, using a fictitious food manufacturer as an example:


Three students have fulfilled a dream by founding their own start-up. They got into the brewing business in Cologne. Alteburger Kölsch” is a sustainable and locally produced organic beer with which the newly founded company aims to shake up the Kölsch market. So far, they mainly distribute their product in Kölsch pubs and your online store. To further increase sales, they need higher sales figures. Local supermarkets and kiosks are to serve as multipliers: More awareness = More sales!

Growth is limited with existing storage facilities, available staff and inexperience in the B2B wholesale business. They think through different scenarios to maximize your profit as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible..

They choose the fulfillment partner VONEXIO because of the proximity to the production site and the good conditions. The high cost of expanding the existing storage facility, coupled with the long duration of the conversion, argue against continued use.

The fulfillment service provider convince them with the following attractive service offers:


  • Labeling and individual packaging
  • Adjustable bearing shape
  • Scalability of order sizes
  • good transport connection
  • warehouse visits
  • Pallet and barrel storage
  • Customer-Service
  • Quality management
  • E-Fulfillment Services


Outsourcing logistics is a big and important step for the organic Kölsch producer. Outsourcing parts of the business processes means relinquishing responsibility.

In VONEXIO, however, you have a convincing, reliable and locally based fulfillment partner at your side. Nothing more stands in the way of cooperation.

Ecommerce Anbindung
You sell.

Are you running a successful business but spending too much time on logistic and fulfillment issues? With VONEXIO, you can finally concentrate on selling your goods again.

We store.

As a service provider, we take over the entire fulfillment process, incl. the classic warehousing. Our 14,000m² storage capacity offers you all logistical possibilities to store and efficiently move your product.

We ship.

After goods and orders are received, it’s our turn! Whether national or international – our job is to ship your goods to your customer as fast as possible. Secure the best conditions for flawless shipping.

We fulfill.

We live logistics and understand fulfillment as a connection between you, us and your customer. With many years of experience in e-commerce, logistics and wholesale, we see ourselves as consultants and partners to help you move your business forward.

Industry and economy in Cologne

“Kölle” – as the metropolis on the Rhine is called by its inhabitants – is a cosmopolitan city with a diversified economic structure. Thus, there is not only one promising economic sector in Cologne, but six. In addition to the automotive and food industries, these include the media industry, the mechanical engineering sector, the chemical industry and the insurance industry.


Those who can’t find a place in these sectors turn to the gaming industry or the information and communications industry. In a 2018 publication by “Wirtschafts Woche,” Cologne ranks second – behind Hamburg – among Germany’s most digitized cities.


All this is possible in Cologne because the city is equipped with a very good infrastructure. Cologne/Bonn Airport is joined by one of Europe’s most important rail hubs. The Hohenzollern Bridge – one of Cologne’s landmarks – is the busiest railroad bridge in Germany, with 1220 trains per day.

Discover our warehouse near Cologne airport

14,000 m² Lagerfläche für alle Warengruppen

12 Überladebrücken für effiziente Warenflüssen

10m Deckenhöhe bis zu 7,5m Einlagerung

5500 Pick- und Kommisionierplätze

15.000 Palettenstellplätze

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Media City Cologne:
Meltingpot for Ecommerce, Digital & TV

Cologne is an independent city with a population of 1.1 million. The former Hanseatic city is the largest municipality in North Rhine-Westphalia and the fourth largest city in Germany.

With more than 2000 years of history, Cologne is a cultural and economic hotspot with an excellent logistical infrastructure. The central traffic location of the metropolis, with three long-distance train stations and Cologne/Bonn Airport, made it an international economic and commercial center then as it is today.

As an important media city, Cologne has numerous television and radio stations (WDR, RTL) but also film studios and publishing houses. Furthermore, the city curates three world-leading trade fairs, Photokina, gamescom and the world’s oldest art fair, artcologne.

All these points make the city an interesting overall package for tourists, residents and especially for businesses. As a fulfillment service provider, VONEXIO takes advantage of the city’s optimal location and has created its headquarters here.


Thanks to a structural change in the 1980s, the slump in the automotive and mechanical engineering industries was cushioned. The city of Cologne created incentives for media companies and still gets benefits of them.

With Westdeutscher Rundfunk and RTL Group, Cologne has two “big players” in German television. But Cologne is also home to many small companies from the media industry, making it a major media city in Germany.

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Warehousing & Storage

Lagermöglichkeiten für (fast) jeden Bedarf

Whether small-scale storage in shelving racks or storage by the pallet in wide aisle storage. We are not afraid of any challenge. We store your goods according to your needs, keep them safe and retrieve them on demand within a very short time. With only a few exceptions, we store products of any type, in any quantity and at any time.


Ship with the best

Mit unseren Logistik-Partnern sind wir ein eingespieltes Team

Here it is essential to know the strengths of your partners well and to know how to use them. We ship exclusively with high-performance shippers, both in the area of parcel delivery and pallet shipping. In always close and trustful cooperation we find the best possible solutions with our partners - for our customers.


No connection is too far

In einer globalisierten Welt ist unser Anspruch alles überall zur Verfügung zu stellen

The flow of goods for our customers is international. From procurement in Asia, Europe or Africa to shipping all over the world. In consultation with our customers, we define the needs and requirements - and find the best possible ways to ship the goods. Secure, cost-effective and fast shipping is handled for our customers. You want to ship all over the world? Let us make it happen together.